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ValVal Posts: 836Member
Looking for a hidden radio antenna for my 39 six. My original was an under running board type. I spoke with Cole at Wildricks and he mentioned that a hidden one was available. I would like to mount this under my running boad. Any ideas of where I may find one? Are any of you fine Hudson folks using one? 


  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,075Administrator
    I don't know what the '39 antenna looked like, but it may have been similar to the '37.  I had someone weld up the brackets (which attach with the runningboard bolts) and then strung aircraft cable back and forth between holes drilled in the brackets.  I used S-hooks and small porcelain insulators at each cable connection point.

    The finished product got very poor reception, so I used a non-original side-mount cowl antenna.  (Of course, that doesn't get very good reception, either!  Maybe it's my radio...)
  • MikeSheridanMikeSheridan Posts: 105Member
    The under running board antennas were a bad idea as they were subject to road salt and other damage. I think most people replaced them with antennas mounted to the side of the cowl.
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    Thanks for the info Jon and Mike, yes the under running board antennas were a bad idea as Doug W told me that the gravel roads back then ate a lot of them up. I have looked at some on line but they all say to mount on non metal surface. And most are amplified which I don't want nor need, Just one for reception. I would like to mount one under the running board so it is concealed. But not the cable type. I would rather not drill holes in the cowling if I don't have to.
  • ValVal Posts: 836Member
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    Ok so I am told I can install a side mount (mast antenna) under my running board. I assume I will need insulators at the install points. But I can get a rubber mast antenna would I still need to insulate? Also have seen a short stubby antenna but not sure of the reception a short one would get
  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,958Expert Adviser
    Acceptable radio reception is based on matching your antenna to the radio receivers input impedance. Auto receivers have a signal adjustment at the antenna input. Mount the antenna under the car and  your driving distance from the radio station is severely cut. You can purchase antennas that are mounted via magnets and are hi/gain. Do a internet search of AM radio antennas and this will produce solutions.  Buy one; run the antenna wire and mag mount the antenna.
  • ValVal Posts: 836Member
    Thanks Glowplug, I spoke with Steve Engel (radio man) and he told me I would have to adjust the antenna input also. I'm not sure how to do that as I have no experience in radios and no manual on the DB 38 radio but I think Steve can get me instructions 
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