Separating Engine from Hydramatic

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I have been disassembling my '55 308 and I for the life of me cannot get the Hydramatic to separate from the engine.  I have not ever worked on an auto on a Hudson before so not sure why I am having so much trouble.  I have pulled manuals from my C8 and never had any problems.  All the bolts are out and it is loose and the trans turns relative to the engine but it seems I have something pinched or]?   The trans and engine are separated by about 1/4".   Any of you have an idea how to get this darned thing loose?  BTW the engine and trans are not in a car.


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    Bell housing AND torus (all 30 or so) screws all removed?  There are 2 alignment pins and the gasket between the torus and flywheel which may be binding or sticking.
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    YES, you must remove all 30 of the bolts holding the torus cover to the flywheel, before the transmission will separate. Be sure to drain the remaining fluid from the torus at the little 1/8 NPT plug first, or then several quarts of ATF WILL COME POURING OUT. Hopefully this 55 308 is not stuck and turns freely.

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    If you can't get to all the 30 bolts holding the taurus onto the flywheel, you can unbolt the oil pan, disconnect the connecting rods and remove the tranny and crank as one unit. It's a pain but I've had to do that on a couple of parts cars due to the fact the flywheel would not turn.   Fun time.
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    Yep it is stuck and I also have some center head bolts stuck as well.  Any ides for getting those loose?  Heat?

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