1934 Hudson Eight Convertable Coupe

Dave44HBDave44HB Posts: 3Member
I have an opportunity to buy a 1934 Hudson Eight Convertible Coupe.  I love old cars but I am not very mechanically inclined.  I can do most basic mechanical tasks but I am not up to a major restoration. I love the 1934 Hudson and I really want to have one but I will need some one or some company to help me restore the car.  Who really understands this car and who will help me do an outstanding job on this car?  I don't want just a driver, I would really like to have a first class finished car. Can anyone recommend a person or company who is capable of doing a first class restoration on this car?  Please help.  Thanks.


  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,075Administrator
    What part of the country (if you're in the U.S.!) are you in?  There are well-regarded restoration  places all over the place.  It would behoove you to send your car to one that's nearby, as opposed to the opposite end of the country!
  • Dave44HBDave44HB Posts: 3Member
    I'm in Huntington Beach, CA.
  • VicTor ZVicTor Z Posts: 693Senior Contributor
    Vintage Coach, (909) 823-9168, 16593 Arrow Blvd. Fontana CA. 
  • Dave44HBDave44HB Posts: 3Member
    Thank You.
  • 2manyprojects2manyprojects Posts: 468Expert Adviser
    russell maas top notch and fair.

  • dholckdholck Posts: 135Expert Adviser
    Dave; if you do it, I hope you will show us some pictures; either here or in the WTN.
    First off; congratulations on being "a man of wealth and taste," as the song says.  The car is expensive and having someone restore it even more so - just the nature of the activity - so darn much labor involved.
    I have a 34 Terraplane coupe because that's what my uncle left in my grandma's garage in 1950.  I always thought it was a shame he didn't have a 34T convertible, but, if I could have picked, the 34 Hudson 8 convertible coupe would have been the ultimate!
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