1953 Hudson Hornet Serial Number Decoding?

ZzappedZzapped Posts: 25Member

Checked a couple of web sites to help decode my serial number with no luck in finding my reference. The car is in Canada so I am wondering if that may be the issue.

Like to find out the month & origin as well as find out what the original color of the car and the trim package, I would like to see if anything has been changed if possible.

I know it has had an older paint job.




  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,958Expert Adviser
    The original paint code is stamped on the right front door’s top hinge. The numbers shown in the chart will be those found in the hinge.

  • ZzappedZzapped Posts: 25Member
    :) Fantastic! great information, thanks for your help......
  • ratwaspratwasp Posts: 59Member
    anyone have the color codes for 1954?
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