Question concerning area around the steering column and dash area of my 1941 deluxe six hudson

BernieBuechmanBernieBuechman Posts: 56Member
I am just curious about the area around the steering column and the dash area of my 1941 Hudson it seems that there is perhaps something missing around the steering column and on the dash. was there a bracket for support or a piece of chrome trim at this spot. it seems like there is something is not right I have not been able to get a close up of a steering column of my car in this area to confirm my interest . any help on this would be appreciated.

                                                                                                                     Thanks Bernie



  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,636Senior Contributor
    Here's a pic of my 40.  Gotta be about the same thing.  A 2-piece bracket, one bolted to the dash and the other screwed to it.
    002.JPG 397.9K
  • BernieBuechmanBernieBuechman Posts: 56Member
    Thanks so Much I Am Very Thankful for you sending that to me, I thought there may have been something missing.

                                                               Bernie Ontario, Canada
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