1934 and 1935 Hudson bumper guards for sale

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[The previous "unobtainium" reference may have been too obscure]
I bought 3 bumper guards on EBay some time ago - as time goes by, I discover that none of them work for me.  The plain pair (which I thought would work on my 34T) are for a 1935 Hudson.  The single guard with the triangle is for a 1934 Hudson (you'd need to have one, or know somebody who does, or get one and wait for another one to show up someday).  All 3 have the back mounting brackets.  I figured out how to call up my older EBay history and saw that I paid $216 for the 3 guards (not $260 as I previously had thought). 
Make me an offer - all 3, or for the pair of 35H - I do not want to separate the 35H guards.  PM, email, or whatever.
Of course what I was looking for are the 34 Terraplane bumper guards with the hexagons.


  • dholckdholck Posts: 129Expert Adviser
    OK.  To the dump they go.  Astounded at the lack of interest - over 100 readings of the 2 postings and no responses.  They do not work on 34T.  There must not be any more 1935 Hudsons, or every one of them has bumper guards already.  I tried to give them to a guy who said he'd been looking for some if he'd pay the postage, and even he did not respond.  
    The provenance is confirmed by Geoff Clark who said they were 35H, as well as "1935 Hudson" written on the bracket.
    Rest assured there will be no such lack of interest if I ever see the 34T guards with the hexagons available.
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    Hi Dave. Dont be silly don't throw them away.  I did not respond because I have been doing other things.
    I am happy to pay postage but also happy to pay you something for the parts. I dont like taking something for nothing.
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    I, Dennis, just need an email telling me the address and so on.  [note that I did not "out" you by name - you did that. :) ] You are still the only one who has expressed any interest at all.
    If everybody is "doing other things," then that's how parts become more rare; once we get tired of jumping through hoops trying to get rid of something rare for which people should be clamoring, we'll give up and toss them - if there is no interest, then there's no interest. 
    In my over 45 years of association with Hudsons and the HET club, I had not noticed this tendency to not respond when something rare is available - the tendency not to respond when something rare is wanted - sure, that I've noticed...  If you have something for a 30s car, the tendency is to hang onto it.   In this case, I took the 'flier' on EBay on the bumper guards that turned out to be of no use to me - so, a boon for somebody with a 35H.  

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    Unfortunately we all have different values, and  we  need to accept that just because we have a rare part  doesn't mean that that someone is going to want it and pay for it.  Throwing it away achieves nothing.   Here in N.Z., most Vintage Car clubs have parts sheds where at least you can take surplus parts and donate them.  Then perhaps in the future somebody will benefit.  I know of instances where somebody had a part that was wanted, but would only let it go if it could be swapped for an even rarer part.  Lose-lose situation.  Let's be a bit more accepting and generous with each other. 
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    Hi Dennis I have sent you a message
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    Geoff; seems like perceptions are a little sideways there.  I can't figure out why I should be "accepting" that I have rare parts and nobody wants them - that nobody wants to pay for them - that I fully understand!  Hudson guys are infamous in the hobby for being cheap - not that there's anything wrong with that; possibly a false perception :).  So it was never an issue that nobody would pay my price.
    I took the chance on these things and spent the money and found that they are of no use to me - so I can't think of anything more generous than to give them away for free for an expression of interest.  It is not reasonable to expect me to hang onto everything that somebody may want someday.  Oh, and threatening to throw them away was effective in getting action on an expression of interest - so it worked.
    BTW; the issue is solved with the 1935 Hudson bumper guards - they are off to Trevor.  I still have the single 1934 Hudson guard.
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    I have felt the same as Dennis. I have saved a lot of parts going to scrap and cant sell them. I try to follow the example of the old timers in the club that have helped me and give to club office bearers in respect for the work that they do, and others to get their cars on the road again. If Im lucky I swap parts. I get depressed and want to scrap parts too, but then I think of all the people that have helped me. I pay them back by helping others. When I push up daisies, my son knows he has to save what he can and the rest will go to scrap. There have been too many times a grieving wife has scrapped parts, tools and books. I hope members will think about the future
  • dholckdholck Posts: 129Expert Adviser
    Gary; as I said, the 1935 Hudson bumper guards are gone.
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