1934 and 1935 Hudson unobtainium available

dholckdholck Posts: 133Expert Adviser
Bought 3 bumper guards on EBay some time ago - as time goes by, I discover that none of them work for me.  The plain pair (which I thought would work on my 34T) are for a 1935 Hudson.  The single guard with the triangle is for a 1934 Hudson (you'd need to have one, or know somebody who does, or get one and wait for another one to show up someday).  All 3 have the back mounting brackets.  I seem to recall paying $260 for the 3 - make me an offer - all 3, or pair of 35H - not going to separate the 35H guards.  PM, email, or whatever.
Of course what I was looking for are the 34 Terraplane bumper guards with the hexagons.

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