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I am posting this for Fred Haller AKA "TwinSupercharged" on this forum, Paul Butler is trying to sort out some details for him.

Here's what's going on with Fred.

I installed a Frank Hughes (VFF) oil pump/filter on my 308 Hudson. It is leaking oil at what appears to be the seam where the top cap is held on with socket head cap screws. All cap screws are very tight and all hose connections are not leaking. There is a hex bolt with a wire lock that Frank installed. It also is leaking. I am looking to see if there are other units out there that are leaking and what was the cause and the fix-it. I have Clifford tube headers and it is very difficult to see the pump or to do any maintenance on the pump without removing both the headers and the intake manifold. Any info you can share would be appreciated. Thanks, Fred Haller, xxxjfhaller@cox.netxxx (delete the xxx's) On the forum as TwinSupercharged.


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    Hello Fred,
        Sorry for the delayed response. Are you currently using the two rubber O-RINGS that Frank supplied? Or the stock style rubberized cork O-ring? Some of these socket head screws are not graded, and will stretch out, especially if they are long. Make sure they are at least grade 5. As for the safety wired bolt, that is the plug bolt for the internal pressure relief valve that regulates the oil pressure. There should be a sealing washer or crush washer under the head of that bolt. If this washer is leaking, perhaps a Dowty type sealing washer will do the job of sealing better, as these have a nitrile rubber lip seal in the ID of the metal washer.
         You can access the pump from under the car, I suggest carefully removing all 5 bolts, taking care not to disturb the pump housing and it's thin gasket between it and the block. Take the VFF cap off and replace the O-ring. MAKE SURE THE O-RING GROOVE IS CLEAN! Remove the safety wire , take the pressure relief valve plug and the old sealing washer off, replace the sealing washer with correct size Dowty washer and put the plug bolt back in, tighten securely and replace the safety wire. Replace the socket head screws with ones that are positively known to be grade 5 or 8. Torque them down evenly, check the torque specs for the bolt/ screw size & thread and don't exceed. Over tightening can distort the casting and the pump housing and then they can leak. Hope this helps. Regards, Kenneth

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    Ken, Sent you an e-mail response. Thanks, Fred
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