'36 Terraplane Sedan Rear Bumper, and Exterior Spare Tire Mount.

I am in need of a couple of parts for a '36 Terraplane. One is a rear bumper for a '36 sedan. The other is a bit more difficult to find - the crank mechanism for the exterior mount.  I have two, but neither appears to be salvageable.  I have the fender well, the mounts under the fender, and the other parts, but the threaded rod is pretty much rusted in place.

Does anyone know where I might be able to source either one of these parts?




  • LanceLance Posts: 883Member
    I have 36 bumpers both front and rear. 704 792 911 zero  if interested.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 375Member
    Tom, Is it Acme thread? Check with McMaster Carr. on the threaded rod.
  • RocketRocket Posts: 303Senior Contributor
    Tom if you call me I can tell you what you can do to get your rod out I had to do it to both of mine on my 36 Terraplane 6513151337 Tom L.
  • rockycrockyc Posts: 10Member

    Turns out I was able to free up one of the external mounts cranks. It took lots of patience, good amounts of aerokroil (nothing else could get down into the threads), and repetitive gentle heating. Turns out the problem was not rust, but rather the dried up grease which had become like plaster. The aerokroil dissolved the dried grease and I was able to eventually work the bracket back and forth on the rod.  Kroil is pricey but got the job done.

    So, one down, one to go.....

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