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Perhaps this appeals to you.  go to this site, search for your state and year; copy, then use all-weather clear tape to install. I had to modify one to get year 1953 on it. If you want a copy of an NC 1953 one, let me know and I will post.


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    Note: the link above did not display all the states on the left side on my smart phone. Maybe a computer/ laptop is needed. I also got one for my '65 Healey and '31 Franklin.
    another link>> 
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    Nice find Richard.
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    I still have my original 1965 NJ inspection on my window!
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    I still have the state inspection sticker on one of my 37’s from New Mexico, but it’s faded to an almost unreadable state.  

    Thanks for the tip!
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    You can use Paint.net program (free) to change the 43 to a 37 in the first one if you wanted to. I used the program to make the 1953 one shown since it was N/A.
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    It was CELEBRATION TIME back in the day when one of the junkers I drove passed one of these inspections!   The process was nothing but a scam for the state or a whim by the inspector anyway.

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    Back in the '60's, Missouri came up with one of these inspection programs. I started taking our cars as needed, as a teenager. Of course my dad was at work. So I had found this greasy old gas station where they did these inspections. Had a big old fat guy, Barney, who ran the place. We called him Barney Barn smell behind his back. He was always unkept and smelly, always had a chewed up cigar in this mouth. Might or might not be lit. Anyhow, the first car I took to him was our 1955 Hudson, a daily driver at the time. Barney was impressed with it, so he always remembered me after that. They never did more than a glance at the cars, and as time went on, he would just write up the sticker when I came in, not even look at the car. I would take all our cars there as needed. So over time, it got to where I was in college and one of the cars needed to be inspected. My dad took it down to Barneys. Called me up and said it got rejected. Since I was going to be home anyhow, I said I'd take it down there. Even though all the cars were titled to my dad, Barney thought I was him. When he saw me come in, he remembered that he'd rejected the car. Apologized and said "Oh , I didn't know it was yours, some older guy brought it in." I told him yeah, that's my dad, he's ok. After that, Barney would approve them if my dad took them in. 
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    This is a cool find as I have a modern one on my 50 Super Six, but otherwise for the most part it’s just a way for extra money for the states, don’t get me started, lol
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    I didn't do this correctly the first time (as shown above). Need to cut around the sticker; not include the white background, then use the clear all weather tape in a rectangle form. Do not touch the clear sticky part; will show on windshield.
    This is correct appearance now.
    EDIT NEED TO KNOW: before you copy some you will see the word "SAMPLE". You can eliminate this with 'paint.net' {free program} and using 'pick color' and 'paintbrush' to cover that, I had to !!

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