Bonneville 2019

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Dug Chase (driver), Don Chase (father) and a whole bunch of super guys helped Dug get down the track just minutes ago!


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    Thank you very much for sharing the photos. Can you tell us how fast he went?
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    I don’t know but will find out a bit later this morning & post it.  

    The week thus far:  
    Sat, Sun & Mon racing didn’t happen as the track was heavily rained on.  Yesterday they did some racing but not all tracks were open & the long course was shortened.  After a couple cars spun & bike too, they closed the track at 3:30pm & moved it over 100 ft for today’s racing.  I haven’t heard how the course is today or how speeds have been either.   Doing lots of photography like this:

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    Love the ‘69 C-30 car hauler, would like to that with my own ‘69 and my 51 Hornet Club coupe on it. Awesome pics, love that ‘47, looks like a beast
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    Thanks for the pictures.  Don, Doug are Omaha Ne natives,  Doug now has shop in Pacific Northwest.  I also recognize my friend Ron Falk in one of the pictures.  He is also a Nebraska HETer. 
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    I too am an Omaha native & former Nebraska HETer, only movingly to Montana in the last 8 years.  Don & my father have known each other for probably 60+ years.  As a teenager with a 56 Olds Don Chase was the one we went to for my frequent transmission repairs.

    I remember my father telling me stories of him riding his bicycle to watch 72nd street being poured in concrete for the 1st time as well as many hot rodding & drag racing stories of his youth.  When I was in college at Creighton in the mid 80’s dad had taken a diesel Cadillac which has a blown motor & put a 455 Oldsmobile in it with the help of his long time friend & mechanic George Roseland, former owner of the Arbor Garage in downtown Omaha.  Dad was always street racing with the big caddy & winning too!   Dad still hasn’t lost his hot rodding fever either at 82 & wheel chair bound.  He still owns an SRT8 Chrysler 300 as well as a 1937 Chevy rumble seat coupe street rod.  

    Both Omaha Boys (Don & George) were parked next to each other in the Bonneville pit area and I’m sure they too have been friends for 60+ years as well.  I was able to spend time with each team and it was the 1st thing I did upon arriving to the Salt.  Naturally I feel a great deal of gratitude to my father as well as Don & George for my father’s & subsequently my love of hot rods.  Our lives have been intertwined through-out many decades in Omaha and it was wonderful seeing them on the Salt.   

    After Chase’s 1st run in the 120’s (mph) I understand it wasn’t where they wanted to be so they quickly made a rear end change & we’re back in line for another run before I got back to the pits an hour or so later.  Some how I missed them as I left the starting line & staging area to return to the pits.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to track them down before I had to get on the road & drive back home.  I spoke to Ron Faulk late in the day yesterday and he had not heard if they’d gotten in a second run yet.  With only one track open the wait had been 8+ hours just to get one run in.   It was surely more than frustrating for those racing as it was mostly waiting around as things were moving at a crawl.  Hopefully we’ll soon hear how their second run & things have continued to go.  

    Here’s George Rosland’s SOB car which I believe ran 208mph last year.

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    Great to see these Pictures./ Thanks for Posting!
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    thanks for the pics! I was up at the Nugget the first Saturday afternoon/night with my Hornet, didn't make it out to the salt. I guess I missed you.
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