51 Commodore suspension upgrades?

Just started work on my new toy.  It needed everything in the brake system.  It still has the original shocks & sway bar links.  Everything went fine until I broke the rear brake line at the master cylinder.

Does anyone know of a larger sway bar that will fit?

Is there a rear sway bar that will work?

Any suggestions on shocks?


  • joe53HHjoe53HH Posts: 56Expert Adviser
    Give Dale Cooper (Hudsonmotorcars.com) a call for the front sway bar.  He has a wait list for the next shipment.

  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 195Member
    Back in 1990 I adapted a 1 1/8" sway bar from a Jeep on to my 52 Wasp. What a difference!
  • SwampyMeadowsSwampyMeadows Posts: 44Member
    FYI, the correct URL for Dale's site is:  https://www.hudsonmotorcarco.com/welcome.htm
  • Fred_PitzFred_Pitz Posts: 26Member
    54 coupe

    Can you tell me what Jeep your bar came from?
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 195Member
    1990 Cherokee. It's a little too narrow where the end links mount. I heated it up, about 4-5 inches from each end and bent it outward then let it cool on its own. I used the factory, 3/4" bar as a guide. I have done a couple of them over the years. A used one from a salvage yard is less than $30.
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