WTB volt regulator

Lklemm1Lklemm1 Posts: 69Member
I am in need of a 4 terminal volt reg for my 232 flat head. Does anyone know if there is new ones available today at parts stores? Part number? Checked Napa with no luck so far. 


  • LanceLance Posts: 817Member
    If you want an AutoLite VRR 4001A I can sell you one. The problem is ,what year is your Pacemaker engine?   The 51-2 Pacemaker 232 uses a VRP 6101B  regulator which is a 3 lug type used on 2 brush generators.   The only exception for the 1950 Pacemaker using the 4 lug regulator is if you have a 3 brush generator left over from previous production. 1950 was a transition year for the electrical generation system with the 2 brush system coming in in mid production. Some 1950 Hudsons had 2 brush systems and others had 3 brush systems so it depends on what your generator is. In any event I have both types of AutoLite voltage regulators and a bunch of NOS  Allstate NOS 6 volt voltage regulators. 
  • Lklemm1Lklemm1 Posts: 69Member
    Lance i sent you a pm.
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