Wanted: exhaust manifold for a 262 in a 51 Super 6

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Wanted: A good 262 exhaust manifold for 1951 Super 6. Also looking for a radiator for a 51 Hornet with the 308. Are the radiators the same for the inline 6 engine with or without the twin H set ups? Thank you in advance for the help.


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    Unless I’m wrong, the radiators are the same and all the exhaust manifolds are the same as well on the big block 6s. 
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    Radiators are interchangeable except Hornet & Commodore 8 usually have a thicker 4 Core. The 3 Core works just fine ttough. Twin H has no bearing on Rad size. 
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    Twin H and single carb exhaust manifolds are not the same.
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    You can interchange exhaust manifolds. The only difference is the extra heat riser tube on the Twin-H version. Unless you are driving in cold weather, probably not an issue.

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    Thank you all for the heads up on Hudson's,  I am new to them. Trying to get a 51 Hornet and or a 51 Super 6 262 road worthy. Hope to be able to attend a Hudson gathering next  year. Any ideas on where to find a good exhaust manifold and a radiator? Again, thank you in advance for the help.
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    Review my website for essential information.

    Your South Dakota location may dictate purchase and ship solutions.  Vendors listed on the site are all reliable sources and ship their parts.  
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    I have a radiator from a Commodor 8 which looks to be in very good condition, and a 49 Commodor 6 exhaust manifold.  $150 plus shipping  It is a single carb style manifold.  I am next door in MN.  I have a 49 commodore parts car, lots of parts.  buy it all.  763-458-1805 to text me.

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