engine rough idle

I've a rough idle on my 54 super wasp after being fixed for the automatic trans. front seal leak. The engine works fine when applying the gas, but its idle is lower than it should be. I'm fairly sure I need to re-adjust the idle, but I don't know where to look at or what part it needs to be adjusted. The enigne is a six inline 262 twin-H.

Sorry in advance if I bother since I'm fairly new and still trying to get more experience in car mechanic.



  • ken1962ken1962 Posts: 242Member
    Hi Max, 

    To adjust the speed of the engine at idle is a simple thing. Have someone push the gas pedal while you look at the carburettor linkage. There is a cable with an arm that moves. You can also grab that arm and manually rev the engine. There is a little screw which stops the arm going completely down and thus slowing the revs but not enough to stop the engine. You adjust this screw up a little bit to where you think the idle is better. You can adjust thus screw so the engine idles slower in summer and faster in winter.
    Just remember to adjust this screw that comes into contact with the arm. There are other screws which should never be touched. One regulates fuel mixture and another maybe present to adjust the needle position and a last to adjust choke depending on the carb you might have as many cars over the years have the carb replaced with other brands or it might be original. Sometimes the idle adjustment is described within the owners manual or mechanic service manual. Cheers ken 
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    Is it the screw in question ken? Looks to me to be the closest one to the carb linkage.
  • Max162Max162 Posts: 41Member
    edited August 8
    little update : it was indeed the right screw and the idle has been adjusted.

    Thanks alot ken :D 

    It was indeed easy, but boy do the adjusting screw are a bit hard to reach.

  • squirrelsquirrel Posts: 168Member
    you can use a small end wrench on it, instead of a screwdriver

  • Max162Max162 Posts: 41Member
    I used a ratchet with the appropriated drive to reach it

  • ken1962ken1962 Posts: 242Member
    Glad you found and adjusted it. The engine can be quite scary if you don't know your way around it. My suggestion is to attempt to clean it with a small rag. The purpose isn't really to clean it but allows you to spend minutes really looking at how it fits together. When your eyes rest on the bolts and small parts you see the engine in detail. Later you might glance at that area and notice a small change like a leak or a nut loose and you can quickly fix it back to correct. Never looking at the small details can make it a disadvantage later when something goes wrong and it's your first time really eyeballing the small detail. Cheers ken
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