Beautiful 1950 Twin H Commodore Coupe up for auction


  • bull_islanderbull_islander Posts: 554Expert Adviser
    nice looking 50.  It could go for a reasonable price on BAT.

    23-Years-Owned 1950 Hudson Commodore 6 Club Coupe
  • SwampyMeadowsSwampyMeadows Posts: 44Member
    Can any Twin H experts chime in on this situation brought up in the comments section:

    With no reinforcement rib, it is NOT a 308 block. Which means it’s either a stock 232 or 262 block, with a 308 head which would lower compression considerably, or it’s been bored out to 308 specs. However, without the reinforcements that a 308 block has, it’s a catastrophic failure waiting to happen. True factory 7X motors were 308 blocks with 232 heads (for better compression). This engine seems literally the opposite?
  • Ric West INRic West IN Posts: 457Senior Contributor
    Need to see the rest of the block casting number. The block is NOT a 308.  The casting number for the 262/232 (yes they are the same block) is 310110. This block was cast in 
    Muskegon MI by Lakey steel foundry,
  • BrowniepetersenBrowniepetersen Posts: 3,052Senior Contributor

    This subject was well covered in the facebook page sections.  It is clearly not a 308 engine.  The machining modifications are not discussed but with minor work a 262/232 engine can give excellent performance.  Other than the fact that this car is misrepresented by the facts, it could be a very nice car to have.  I would be a "byer beware" customer, but I would consider it at a good price after you cut through the hype?

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