Hydraulic clutch pedal

RickoRicko Posts: 37Member
My left knee is giving me problems with my mechanical clutch pedal/linkage in my other antique cars. Am building a '54 Hornet with a 3 speed manual w/od. I really enjoy driving a manual and do not want to give it up. Has anyone installed a hydraulic clutch in a Hudson transmission? If so, what is best brand to use? 


  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,619Senior Contributor

    Jeep trucks use them, maybe Jeeps


  • squirrelsquirrel Posts: 168Member
    I'm curious how a hydraulic clutch would be better?

    I know a guy who made a hand operated clutch for his 32 Ford years ago...but I don't remember how it worked.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,960Administrator
    Maybe you could fit a vacuum clutch from an earlier Hudson, but have it activated by a hand-operated switch instead!
  • RickoRicko Posts: 37Member
    Hydraulic clutch has much less resistance so would be much less pressure on my lower knee.
  • onerare39onerare39 Posts: 1,026Expert Adviser, Moderator
    I got one of these. They are more expensive, but they work in any vehicle.

  • RickoRicko Posts: 37Member
    Ha! Not there yet but that's funny!
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