1923 to 1947 misc Hudson parts for sale in Australia

barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 466Expert Adviser
I have some 23 to 47 parts for sale. Motors, gearboxes, diffs, bumpers, body parts, electrical. A little of this and that. Problem is the bigger items cost to much to pack and sent from Australia. Plenty of smaller items like fuel pumps and single throat carbies, ashtrays, inside window mouldings,  a few twin throats, hub caps, 6V wiper motors, glove box locks, 1936 ish Bear brand coil, aluminium cam timing gears, used voltage regulators, distributors, headlight reflectors - all need recond. Have 2 NOS 1940 hubcaps.
Have a complete set of inside/outside recast/chromed door handles/winders, wiring harness when I find it and carrots for a 36T. New stainless steel water jackets for 36 to 47 Hudson 6. 
Im happy to help people with the parts but I may need photos or part numbers. As most of the parts dont fit my cars (34H, 36T and 37T), it would be good to see them gone. Will swap parts. Can send photos. Reply to ozhudsonatgmail.com if you want a reply.


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