1929 Essex carburetor needed

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Hi I'm new to the early Hudson cars and I just purchased a 1929 Essex Super Six 2 door sedan. It's a barn find in excellent  condition with 13,841 miles on it and is 98% original. New tires and someone in the forties converted it to an Auto Pulse 500 and a replacement carb which I think is a Marvel JU2. Strange setup with the carb facing rearward. It runs pretty well even without the heat control hooked up. 

I'd like to return the carb to original (I think) but I don't want ruin any inherent value it may have as a barn find.  Any suggestions? Thanks a million!


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    The original Marvel carburetors are difficult to find in good shape and are very expensive, LIKE $1000 US for nice rebuilt example. Good luck! If you do find a MARVEL, that electric fuel pump will flood it out, as the Marvel is gravity fed from the original Stewart Warner vacuum tank on the firewall. Is you vacuum tank gone? If so you would need to find a compatible rebuilt unit to feed fuel to the Marvel carburetor.

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    EBay has one for $75.00 mos if it's the same one you need  idk
  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 499Expert Adviser
    Dayton carb.co. in Fla rebuilds them maybe they can help
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