Need some replacement flat glass

50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 1,817Senior Contributor
On the 4th I took our '54 Coupe to the local parade.  For reasons unknown the passenger side front window cracked as he was rolling it up and then cracked again in another location when he rolled it up later.  I need a replacement and I believe it is tinted.  Anyone have suggestions on a good source?



  • BrowniepetersenBrowniepetersen Posts: 3,048Senior Contributor
    Any of the window jobbers in your area can cut and install a new window.  If you want to do it yourself, take the window out and go down to a local glass company and have them cut you a new window.  As I recall the tint is a light green color.....  That is what I have in my car...
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 426Senior Contributor  

    They list Hudson, maybe worth a call.
  • squirrelsquirrel Posts: 168Member
    But be sure to carefully inspect the channels and felts etc, and figure out what's going on to make it crack.

    I don't trust any local glass place to install glass in these old cars. It's hard enough to get them to cut laminated flat glass to size and finish the edges as it should be. The old guys who knew how to do this seem to be retired or dead now.

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