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I am hoping to rewire my 1940 super six this fall. I know there is YnZ, Road Island, and Narragansett for correct wiring harnesses.  1. What are your preferences regarding these companies?  2. When I go to install the harness how difficult is it to take down the headliner to route the harness to the rear of the car and then reinstall the headliner?
It has been suggested to me that I do not order the harness with the rear lights and just add wires myself so that I don't need to take down the headliner and route the wires. Honestly that suggestion does not appeal to me. Your thoughts?


  • LanceLance Posts: 805Member
    Narraganset is out of business from what I have been told.  Rhode Island wiring is still around with Hudson harnesses though.
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    Taking the headliner down to do this job and reinstalling the same headliner is a lot of work that wont be seen. Do yourself a favor and run them under the step plates/carpets or next to the frame going to the rear.
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    Narragansett Restorations and Rhode Island wiring were related, I think they were brothers. 
    Mr. Pease from Narragansett Restorations passed, and his son is still doing some work and selling off stock inventory. Rhode Island has very nice Harness’s, but they are piece meal, individual harness’s. YNZ sell a complete harness bumper to bumper. Just depends if you need everything or just some sections.
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    I never understood the reasoning Hudson had for running wiring for the rear under the headliner. I think they changed this in 1952?

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    I've bought wire from YNZ and have had great customer support but I believe Dr Doug rewired my car with a harness from Rhode Island wire
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    Kdancy, my 54 had the wires under the headliner.  When I rewired I went under the carpet.  They might have changed somewhere along the line but the 54 Hornet Special Coupe had not.  I have done a number of harness over the year.  I have had to rebuild or modify each one that I have used to make the job look right.  Good luck...

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    I guess I now know why I never got my tail light wiring harness from Narragansett for my '40 Buick after several calls over the last 3 years and then all quiet
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    Thank you for the advice and information. Next question, if I order from Rhode Island or YnZ I assume I should I tell them I intend to run the harness under the carpet just in case that makes a difference in the length of the harness.
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