1928 Essex electrolock rebuilding

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I found a lock smith that could make a key for my electrolock ignition.  So my question is this, the old armored cable spring was cut.  I have another but how do you remove the spring from the lock?  It is crimped on, so can you just unscrew the spring?  or do you have to cut the crimp to release the spring from the crimped end of the lock?

Unless you have an electrolock this will make no sense.  I eventually will replace the wire inside the armored cable spring  but that seems easy now that the lock will unlock.



  • HansHans Posts: 56Senior Contributor
    do you have pictures. A little hard to visualize your description.

  • Jay GJay G Posts: 380Expert Adviser

    Ok, after much research on the web I have come to the conclusion this is a bit bigger than I had hoped.  I have pieces of 2 complete systems, one with a working lock but a cut cable and a distributer end that is all goofed up.  The other a complete system including the distributer but the lock is frozen.

    So it looks like I have to remove the non-working lock cylinder from the complete system and replace with my working lock cylinder.  While hoping the wire is intact and the distributer is in good condition in the complete system.

    Apparently this system is not meant to be taken apart and have the internal wire replaced due to the way they are attached to the distributer.  This early system appears to be different than the fords or chevys as there is no nut to remove in the distributer that allows for servicing of the electrolock unit.  It looks like the entire distributer base plate needs to be removed in order to take the unit off the car.

    I will post pics in the next few days.  I guess that is why most were removed and not replaced.


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    Jay, go on the other forum and search electrolock and there is plenty of info there.
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