1935 Terraplane rear brake problem

35 Terraplane35 Terraplane Posts: 211Senior Contributor
When the brake peddle is pushed only the rear / trailing shoe moves.
Any suggestions what the problem may be>
I tried to upload a short video but got a message ".mp4 file type is not allowed".
Thanks Tom


  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,757Expert Adviser
    Looks like Bob Johnson’s former car in your avitar?  If so contact the Falk’s they should be able to help.  
  • 35 Terraplane35 Terraplane Posts: 211Senior Contributor
    Cars been in my wife's family, from Penn Yan NY,  since her great uncle bought it new.  He was killed in a farming accident in 1937.  The car sat in the barn till the late 50's when her grandfather ended up with it.  He drove it for a few years then put it in his barn.  He sold it to my wife's dad in 1971.  He drove it for a few years then put it in his barn.  We bought it from her mom in 2006 upon her dads death.  It had a whisker over 25K on it when we bought it.  It's very original.  I've done some maintinence work, new shocks, had the generator rebuilt, installed a Rhode Island wiring harness as the original wiring was a bit scary, replaced the right rear axle seals.  I think I may have found the reason both shoes didn't move.  I'm making some adjustments and will post later if I have it working.

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    Thanks for the history on your Hudson.  I came through your area 2 weeks ago.  I had forgotten about talking with you several years back about the Hudson’s your family collected.  Headed home to Texas tomorrow.  
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    After doing much reading it appears all four wheels have to be adjusted as described in various sources I have.  Is this correct?  I’ve been trying to get the shoes centered on the right rear wheel only but with no success.  The 0.010 clearance is good most of the way around except at the anchor pin ends.   I have not disconnected the cable.  Can anyone provide any insight into adjusting just one set of shoes OR is this not possible?

    Are the primary and secondary shoes the same length?  The ones on my car are nearly the same.

    Thanks for any help 


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  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,616Senior Contributor

    Disconnect the cable as a starting point.   then set the anchor pin and eccentric adjustments, then  re-connect the cable so it does not pull the brake on.  the rotary equaliser should be right back against the stop.
  • 35 Terraplane35 Terraplane Posts: 211Senior Contributor
    Thanks Geoff.
  • 35 Terraplane35 Terraplane Posts: 211Senior Contributor
    I think I've got it.  One more question.  Does anyone have or know of a source for the spring covers for the star wheel adjusting hole in the backing plate.  I have one broken one and one missing.
    Thanks Tom
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  • jjbubaboyjjbubaboy Posts: 816Senior Contributor
    If they don't have to be a 'spring cover' you may be able to get a rubber plug the correct size at the local auto parts store.
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    I'd posted the question about the covers on the face book Terraplane Seven forum.  Lewis Mendenhall replied with this eBay link.  He indicated the early Corvettes used Bendix brakes, the same brand installed on my car except by the 50's hydraulic I'm sure. The part shown looks like the ones on my car.  I'm ordering them and will report back on the fit.
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    After driving the car around town, maybe 3-4 miles, multiple stops, should the brake drums be very warm almost hot to the touch?
  • 35 Terraplane35 Terraplane Posts: 211Senior Contributor
    Got the adjuster hole covers.  Fit like they grew there.
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  • ToddhToddh Posts: 4Member
    I know this thread is a bit old but having just gone through my 34 Terraplane brakes, here’s my suggestions: 1. Disconnect the cables as Geoff indicated. Lubricate liberally with grease in the flexible conduits by pulling them back and forth. Make sure they move freely so you have equal pressure at each wheel. 2.  Remove, clean and lube your anchors and eccentrics on each wheel. 3. Clean and lube the brake shoe and mechanism friction points at each wheel. 4. Lube the center linkage with grease.  

    My my two cents worth

    todd h
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    Toddh,  I did as Geoff and yourself posted and got the brakes adjusted and in good working order. It still surprises me how well they work for what they are. Of course I generally never go much faster than 30-35 MPH. 
  • ToddhToddh Posts: 4Member
    Good to hear!  The drums are steel so you should have woven linings at least on the primary shoes.  The secondary shoes can be molded
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