1933 Terraplane front fenders and front sheet metal

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Often times I come across old lead work.  I prefer to remove it to see what's underneath.  Usually these old repairs are not so great and covered up with lead, then over filed in the surrounding area of the lead.  If there are thin spots in the metal, I replace metal out far enough to get to good metal.  These front fenders are a good example of that.  With a fender bracket on the back side and in the way of the repair work.  It's best to cut it all out and make new in this area, repair the fender support bracket and weld it back in.  ...I can't seem to get the pictures in order, if anyone can help with that it would be appreciated.  But, you get the idea.  Remove the lead, see what's there, replace the bad, repair the wire, wire the edge, and re-stamp the edge detail.


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    Under side brackets.
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    Some patch work of problem areas.
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    Where two body panels bolt up is often times rusted out.  Not only because of moisture trapped between the panels but because the bolting surfaces are doubled up with reinforcement pieces underneath that tend to trap moisture and debris.  Then add to that some poor repairs over the years, poor fit up or whatever.  I will often times just re-make the joint where two panels meet, including the doubler underneath.  Basically making the rust start over.
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    The hood tops can get bowed and sprung.  This hood looked to have been closed too far while off of the car.  You end up with a hood that has a curve over the length of it.  Or creases on either side of the hinge, resulting in a hood that binds when you open and close it, almost always ripping up your paint.  Best to cut out the hinge from the hood panel, straighten and clean all of the pieces, and weld it back together.
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    The radiator supports available all seemed to be not what I wanted.  Too long or short, wrong diameter or thread pitch.  So I made them.
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    Hood sides.
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    Bent Metal, Do you have an apprentice? I certainly hope you have someone to pass this knowledge on to. Your work is a marvel.
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    awsume job!!!!
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    Thank you "Steven".  "Parkerm", no apprentice, just me.  I've had a couple guys helping out.  They seem to last a few weeks and move on.  I suspect that once they find out there is no "trick" or "secret" to metal shaping, and that the truth is it's just a lot of careful work that isn't always easy.  Then they go find something easier to do.
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    I found a fellow in Alsip , Illinois that has yours skills.  He is currently restoring all 4 fenders of my 33 KT and areas of the body that need help.  I will be visiting today to get some up to date photos.  I will gladly share his contact info....when we are finished....lol
    Thank you again for sharing.
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    Guy- your comment about finding something easier to do seems to sum up many who are lookin for a position today!
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    If this isn’t a must see checkup thread I’m not sure what is.  Great work and eye for detail.  
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