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I'm trying to determine the original paint color on accouple of stepdowns. On the 53's they are on the passenger upper door hinge. On my 49's and a 51 I cannot see those same codes, but the hinges are heavily pitted and rusty. 

Question is on the older than 1953 cars are they not stamped in the same location or are my numbers just buried under rust?
If they are located somewhere else....where is that?



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    I found the number on my 51 on the hinge, but it's not rusty....yours are probably lost to time. But there is usually some original paint hiding under trim around the windows, inside the trunk and doors, etc that you can use as a reference.

    one trick is to take several pictures from different angles, up close, and then use the pictures to see if you can find the number more easily.

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    OK thanks, the 51 I am curious about is white in color and looks to be original paint but looking in 51 there was just two different cream colors offered 37 and 85. So one of those must be close to white or this is a respray and I just havent seen any other color than white.

  • schillazschillaz Posts: 253Expert Adviser
    Pix of the firewall and the rusted door hinge
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    Go to town with a wire brush.  It probably might show up after some effort.  Looks to be white color.  THe other approach is to look on underside of decklid, and/or remove other trim pieces around doors.   Often, like the firewall, those are neglected during a repaint.
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