Possible alternative for Hudson 6V headlights

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I installed halogens a number of years ago and was happy with the results, but this sure looks like a better solution;



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    I've just installed LED's in my '37.  The LED 6-volt headlamps are available with the same base that fits the pre-war cars (with their own reflectors and lenses), and they're plenty bright.  And the 2-filament taillights go right into the regular taillight socket.  I also found that the LED dashlight bulbs actually made my instruments readable at night.  I also ordered a turnsignal blinker, which actually makes my bulbs blink at a much better rate than the oldstyle blinkers did.  However, I only did one test drive at dusk, so I need to do an extended night drive to really judge how much better than headlights are than before.

    I bought mine at this place http://www.dynamoregulatorconversions.com/online-shop-for-led-bulbs-and-light-boards-etc.php in England, on the recommendation of a friend who had ordered lights for his '34 from them.  They were easy to work with and the shipping costs weren't bad.  However, I think the "Classic and Vintage Lighting" http://www.classicandvintagebulbs.com/  folks (who make the halogen 6v lights) now sell LED's, and they have an outlet in the U.S. 
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    12 volt LED conversions are also available. But are around $100. I run 100 watt H4's w/relays.

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    It looks to me that you can just simply swap out the bulbs - to either 6 or 12 volt LED, for $30 each.  They list 1926 - 28 Hudson, 32-33 Hudson and 33 Terraplane.  Were the 33 Hudson and Terraplane headlight bulbs different than for 1934?
    Man, that Studem15a conversion sure looks like a lot of work. We've seen the Australian company mentioned here before.  
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