53 Superjet

ValVal Posts: 855Member
I may be getting a 53 superjet for my son in law. Body only. Its in pretty good shape from what I saw and have been told. It does a  renu gas tank in the trunk. No visible bad spots that can see. Needs a headliner. And Talent R is kind enough to allow him (my son in law) to work off an original motor and trans. SO what I want to know is their ANY thing special I need to look for in the bodies of these cars?  


  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 371Member
    Most of them that I've seen, rust out above the rear wheel wells. I have even seen it extend forward into the rear door jamb. The rockers rust out as well. Front suspension parts are not easy to find either, and being 65 years old, most of them are worn out. Good luck with your new purchase. 
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