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This month's issue of Antique Automobile club magazine has a stimulating article in it about researching the history of antique cars.  I am very interested in finding out more about my 1934 Terraplane and would appreciate any information from y'all about it.  What little I know is:  I purchased my 34 coupe from Roy Merritt Marks (son of HET founder Merritt Marks) about 8 years ago.  He had purchased it about 2 years previously from a man in Tennessee named Ed McCarver.  I spoke to Ed and he said he had purchased it in Charlotte, NC about 15 or 20 years before he sold it to Roy.  So I'm basically looking for anybody who would know who and when in Charlotte might have owned this fine example of a base model Terraplane coupe, VIN 410682  It is black and had wire spoke wheels when I purchased it from Roy.

Thanks for any information you might have that would help me learn more about this car


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    Looks a lot like Dean DeVualts (sic) ?car from the mid 60's
    Virginia or West Virginia?
    Jon would know
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    Not necessarily, LOL!

    I believe that Lyle and Dean's '34 is currently in possession of a family member in W.V. but I could be wrong.

    As to your search, possibly you could check past rosters of the local HET chapter for the names of members owning 1934 coupes.  Or, get back issues of the chapter newsletter (from 30 years ago and earlier) and look for any mentions of '34 coupe sightings.  For example, there might be a report on a local Hudson meet, where "a Mr. Jones from Durham stopped by to show us his 1934 Terraplane coupe".  And then you would have a possible clue to pursue.
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    Is it possible to access driver ownership thru the state government registration database? 
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    I believe that the states may dispose of that information after a certain amount of time, but it would certainly be worth phoning the state DMV to inquire.
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    Interesting.  My 34T K has been in the family for 70 years, but I have been curious about finding original owner info.  It seemed like 34T coupes used to be pictured in WTN at local meets in almost every issue 30 or 40 years ago - now you don't see them.
    Are the windows open and wings down, or is it a 34T KS "Challenger" (no wind wings and painted headlights)?  I usually think of "basic model" as my K - even though they called it "Special" and the budget KS model "Challenger."

    I'm curious; did you go to the artillery wheels to go to 16-inch?  I tried that and ended up only being able to buy 2; I eventually found 16" wires from a 33 ET that are on the car with radials.  Over the years I've found fender lights and chrome horns, fender skirts, etc. and "dressed" mine as a KU "Major" (deluxe, with fender lights, horns, etc. and 116" WB - cost $710 versus the K at $600 ...the KS was $565).
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