Flexplate 308

toresinetoresine Posts: 6Member
URGENT,need an new flexplate to a 308


  • LanceLance Posts: 788Member
    You mean flywheel?
  • toresinetoresine Posts: 6Member
    nope,flexplate.its destroyed by the starter
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,904Administrator
    Wikipedia says: "A flexplate is a metal disk that connects the output from an engine to the input of a torque converter in a car equipped with an automatic transmission. It takes the place of the flywheel found in a conventional manual transmission setup."

    But weren't two different automatic transmissions used over the years on a 308, the Hydramatic and the Borg-Warner?  I guess you would need to specify what year.
  • toresinetoresine Posts: 6Member
    edited May 14
    hydramatic on this one,1952
  • Ric West INRic West IN Posts: 453Senior Contributor
    Hudson parts book calls it  Flywheel assembly for HT transmission.  Also called torus cover. Flex plate is a more recent term for the plate joining the engine to ta torque converter.
  • toresinetoresine Posts: 6Member
    never mind the terminology,I NEED THAT B----- PLATE
  • LanceLance Posts: 788Member
    I have Hydramatic flywheels if that is what you need. It bolts to the crankshaft and the Hydramatic torus.
  • toresinetoresine Posts: 6Member
    Lance,please PM me
  • LanceLance Posts: 788Member
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