'52 Hornet water pump advice

devindevin Posts: 57Member
I've removed the pump. The plate and gasket are still well attached to the block. Gently tap with a wood block to liberate it from the block?? Any advice? thank you


  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,714Expert Adviser
    Good approach, should get it off without damage.  
  • squirrelsquirrel Posts: 137Member
    If that doesn't work, you should be OK prying it with a pry bar.
  • devindevin Posts: 57Member
    thank you gentlemen! I'll keep you posted with the good news.
  • squirrelsquirrel Posts: 137Member
    another trick is to use a putty knife that has a metal end on the end of the handle, this lets you tap it with a hammer. Put the blade between the plate and block, and tap the putty knife into the gap, it might wedge the plate off with less chance of bending it. But whether or not you need to avoid bending the plate, might depend on if you're installing a new pump, or getting your pump rebuilt.

  • devindevin Posts: 57Member
    Indeed, the new pump comes with a plate
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