Alternator Pulley for 1951 308

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Hey all!

My 1951 Hudson Hornet did not come with a generator/alternator on the engine at all (when I purchased it...I'm sure it had one at some point, lol).  So, since I'm converting the car to 12v as I fix things, I bought a new 12SI alternator and will be fabbing up a bracket for it soon.  My current issue is, I need to find the right size pulley to put on the alternator since I don't even have the old generator pulley to compare/try.  The one it came with is the smaller belt size (5/8, I think).

Does anyone have a part number or dimensions for a pulley that should work?  Is it a 3/4 belt?

Thanks in advance!


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    I believe this is what you'll want:

    I have one that I used on my 10si, I will find it and check it out. Available, if you're interested.
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    I am using the smaller belt on my car. The Alt. pulley is about 3-3.25" in diameter, I think. You will need to be sure your alt. pulley is lined up with whatever is driving it. I have a/c & power steering  and I had to take 2 WP pulleys and weld them together to have ratio and line up I needed. Anything can be done. Also be sure to have 'swapping' permission when you get one. Also you might have to change belts 2-3 times to get the correct one lengthwise.
    My Alt is located below the power steering in the photo {click img number to enlarge}.
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    Thank y'all!  I feel much better about what I've found online and will make an order shortly.  I'll probably come back here and document how I do the complete setup (alt, pulley, bracket, etc).

    Thanks again!
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    GrimGreaser is right on with the pulley.  It is what I used for my CS130 alternator swap.
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