British 1936 Coach built Hudson

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Recently sold in England (nearly 22 British pounds) - 8 cylinder coach built body 1936 Hudson.


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    22 English pounds? Was it £22,000 pounds? 
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    Sale price was indeed 22000 pounds
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    That is a quite confusing photo.  There were (this could be three) two known to exist.  The one that I did in British Racing Green with black wings and one in England that has been for sale for years.  It was deep Red with black wings. Based on the Lucas head lights I would guess it to be an early Production?  There were ten built from 1935 to 1938.  My research said only two were built/sold in 1936.  So, with the way the British does things this could be a 35 or a 37.  Would need to see more about it and check SN's, Plates and sales records.

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     This is what I captured from the British publication...previous owner had in private possession for a long time 
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    The info on the car
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    Yep, that is the one that has been for sale for a long time.  If you convert it into US bucks it is around 28,500.00.  Mine sold for a lot more than that in California last year.  But, mine was a fresh restoration.  I would say that who ever got it got a great buy of a very attractive English build Hudson.

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    It's probably better than a Railton sedan and surely quite a bit cheaper at this price. The main gauge cluster is 1936.
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    Hi, all, I own the 1938 Special Sports saloon in New Zealand. It features in John Dyson's book & in the mar/apr Railton Owners club mag which John has a large article in.

    It seems there are only four Coachcraft Special Sports saloons extant - two 1938 ; mine & the unrestored ex Barry Kearle one, & two 1936 ones - the recently sold one, & Your ex Hong Kong governor's '36, Brownie - I heard about it at the Hudson Club 100yr celebration in NZ, & got photos of it then. Mine was imported to New Zealand pre ww2, & owned in Dunedin by one Kevin Dun, until the '60s. He was an amateur boxer of great renown, & dance instructor; His wife was one of the famous (in NZ) Flemings Oatmeal  family. It was burned out & rebuilt by Steele bros in Christchurch to original plans in the early 1950s. In early pics it did have UK plates, but they went years ago.

    (I do have a very old photo of another NZ '36 - but I suspect it's long gone.)

    I have a set of 1938 NZ plates on it - in those days they did new plates every year & today you can buy the number here & use the old plates.

    The Railton Club has all the Coachcraft numbers ;

    All the best to all,

    Michael Taylor

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