1934 Terraplane coupe factory prices - found

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I finally found some numbers under NADA price guides, which also list the "original MSRP."  
- $710 for the KU (Major/deluxe) 2 passenger coupe with 116" wheelbase, 16" wheels, chrome horns, fender lights, etc. 
- $600 for the K coupe (Special) 2 passenger with 112" wheelbase, 17" wheels, etc.
- $565 for the KS (Challenger) with painted headlights and windshield frame, no wind-wings, etc. 

I know I've seen these numbers elsewhere on brochures or in club literature, but there were no responses on the forum.  I KNOW there are members who know the answers but don't respond - one wonders why.  Since 50-some people viewed it, there seemed to be some interest, so I am posting it now. 


  • ken1962ken1962 Posts: 346Member
    Seeing you wanted information on a 1934 I looked on our government free website and found many articles describing the new 1934 compared with the old 1933 models 
    I'd you're interested in looking at history feel free to use this website and search the newspaper database for Australia - I like reading motoring articles for 1936 but enjoyed reading ww1 and 2 events as well

    cheers ken


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