1915 Hudson Water Pump Removal

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Ok, now that it is running the water pump is beyond leaking and not moving any water.  So does anyone know, do I need to remove the starter/generator?  and better yet do I need to get into the timing cover and mess with the timing gears in order to get the water pump shaft out of the car?  The manuals of the time go into detail about the packing glands but nothing on water pump removal.  Any help is appreciated.  I hate to remove the radiator, hood, fan, front pully, timing cover just to discover it was something simple.



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    Best if you ask any questions to people on the 1916 to 29 Hudson group site.
     If the pump shaft is turning and not pumping water sounds like a problem with the impeller. Assuming block has water and you have removed hose to check it is not pumping. You can try to dismantle the water pump and slide the pump parts off the shaft towards the starter/genny and it will become obvious if you will need to remove the starter/genny. If you find the shaft badly worn inside the pump you will have to do the major removal mentioned, but then you will know that part of the motor is good. Look in the WTN for the Technical Adviser, and the Club Registry person for 1915 cars. 
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    I agree it is the impeller.  The pump is making noise, more than the timing gears.  Also the shaft is warn as the packing nuts don't seal very well even with new packing.  You can see the pitting on the shaft. 

    Also there is very little movement of water through the radiator that I can tell.  It starts burping, bubbling, and steaming after just a few mins of idling.  The fan is drawing all kinds of air, in fact enough the pull the license plate toward the radiator and it is nearly 6 inches away. 

    I think the pump has gotten worse over time since I get it running a few months ago.  another reason you should drain everything when going into storage.  After 13 years sitting in a museum with water in the system I guess I should be happy this is the worst of it...… I hope.


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