Photo of original Hudson factory

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Interesting shot of the original (and still-standing) factory, courtesy of the Detroit Public Library...


  • hudsonsplasher1hudsonsplasher1 Posts: 781Senior Contributor
    Thanks for sharing Jon, would love to tour the inside some day.
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,004Administrator, Member
    Yes, very interesting.  Especially the striped awnings.  When the Jefferson St. plant administration building was built, it originally had pinstriped awnings just like these.  I wonder if they re-purposed them with the new location?  

    The left hand side of this building as we are looking at it in the picture, was an industrial side, so it appears these 5 awnings was all there was.  Even if they didn't re-purpose them, the new building used the same style.  

    Thank you for posting, Jon.  
    Russell (drop the HET)
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,004Administrator, Member
    Here's one picture.  The administration building is the one on the left.  Note the awnings.  

    Russell (drop the HET)
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