'35 Aussie Racer

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Interesting Australian hot rod/racer article
Dave Y New Zealand


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    Looks like the way to go for headers for an 8 cyl.
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    WOW!!!  That is cool.  Thanks for posting! :)
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    Specs say "roller lifters", not used in '35. 
     If used Essex or Hudson rollers they were 1" inch dia.  that would reduce effective cam contact quite a bit.
    Stock lifter face in '35 was 3" radius, if I recall correctly.
    Loose a lot of power  that way.

    Interesting to find out what was used.
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    You are right, roller lifters not used from '34 onwards, but the advertising  blurb insisted on naming them as such.  Solid lifters were a step backwards as far as  reliability is concerned, and if oil not up to scratch they wore  grooves in them, and correspondingly damaged the camshaft.  Every time  the valves are taken  out the lifters should be checked and either reground or replaced.  And definitely use a zinc additive oil. 
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