51 hudson hornet sales fraud

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I’m here to inform the club that a group is selling cars on the web site:
US ClassifiedsForAll .com with false pretenses.  Cars are very cheep compared to actual value. The owner is out of the country and would not return till August. My owner was working for National Geographic, a picture of a young female posted on a fake National Geo site and father died so she was selling the car thru a car carrier called “Duluth motors transport”
Sales goes like this.  You tell the owner you want the car but you must open an account with the car transport. The piece of s*** tells the company you want to buy, the scammer says send a check order and they’ll deliver the car to you.  If it doesn’t meet to your approval, they’ll take it back and REFUND the $$
We knew it was a scam and my son did the investigation.  Google earth the carrier address ( a block on some back street), no record of the phantom owner working for NGeo, A phone call by a poorly  English speaking person called Chris. Lastly some people posted about this fraud. 
Some other issues where figured out
Professional scammers working here. 
Beware and do your research 
Happy Hudsoning


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    Don't ever buy a car you don't see yourself, or have a person you trust go and see it for you. Cash at delivery of car and title.
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    Thanks for the "heads up" John, regarding this scam.  And MikeSheridan, spot on! 
  • ski4life65ski4life65 Posts: 1,022Expert Adviser
    Appreciate the info.
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