Photos of 1954 Hudson coupes

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I am new to the club - I don't own a Hudson yet but want to buy one. I have it narrowed down to the 1954 model year and I want a 2 door. There were several variations, can someone tell me where I can see photos of these variations so when I see an ad I know what the vehicle looks like (I.e. roofline,trim,etc.). Thanks


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    Mine... neither is for sale
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    Here's one..gone to Hudson Heaven.  Steering box gone to Sweden, Still have the doors.

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    Thanks for sending these - what I would like to do is know the difference between a Wasp, a Superwasp, Hornet, Hollywood, etc. All I can tell from these photos is they are 2 door Hudson's. Any help that could be given would be greatly appreciated.
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    Vic's Z. '54 Club Coupe
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    Don Butlers book The History of Hudson is a good photographic record of vthe various models. Also has specs!!

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    I will check that out - Thanks!

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    Thanks Vic - great looking car!

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    And here is the Hollywood.  "Hollywood" is the name Hudson gave to all 2-door [pillarless]  hardtop coupes.   It was available over several years in different models (Commodore, Hornet, Wasp, etc.).  

    So, to sum up: there were three (non-convertible) 2-door body styles: the coupe, the brougham (or 2-door sedan, the blue one in the first photo above) and the Hollywood.  In those three body styles you could choose the model (Wasp, Hornet, etc.)  The differences between the models depended upon the engine used, the particular trim level, and the wheelbase.  Wasp, for example, was a lower-priced Hudson with short wheelbase, while Hornet had more trim, longer wheelbase, and more powerful engine.
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    Thanks Jon B - that is what I needed!
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    Lipstick and Cream Hollywood Hornet 
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