Know anyone with early Hudson Parts? 1920 Hudson Super 6 windshield stanchion

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Does anyone know anybody who has and hoards early Hudson parts. Hard to find 1920 parts. I'm looking for a windshield stanchion for the right passenger side of a 1920 Hudson 7 passenger Phaeton. The one pictured is the left side. I need the other side or a matching set.


  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 440Expert Adviser
    There is  a man in Adelaide South Australia who has been advertising parts for last 15 years. Try him.
  • BoobooJonesBoobooJones Posts: 8Member
    How about anyone else? Anyone out there?
  • LanceLance Posts: 787Member
    Maybe Dave Kostansek in Ohio
  • BoobooJonesBoobooJones Posts: 8Member
    Lance said:
    Maybe Dave Kostansek in Ohio

    Thanks for the tip Lance. Do you know how to get in touch with him? He doesn't appear to be on here.

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    Booboo, The Hudson Essex Terraplane Club is a great resource.  HETCLUB.ORG , join online, you'll receive a roster of the membership, a bi-monthly magazine with classified ads, and much more.  Best $33.00 you can spend if you own a Hudson Essex or Terraplane.
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    Sent you a private message 
  • BoobooJonesBoobooJones Posts: 8Member
    Thanks Val. I did get in touch with Dave Kostansek and he doesn't have what I'm looking for. We talked for an hour and a half though. We're both into early Hudson's and 1960's Ramblers...

    Great people on these old car forums. Some of the nicest and helpful people going...

    1920 Hudson Roadster for web.jpg
    2160 x 1543 - 2M
  • ValVal Posts: 756Member
    Ok well best of luck finding what you want. Im sure someone can help.
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