Think twice about that Fram Filter

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Not sure if the old canister ones are this bad but wow!


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    Dan, This video has been around before. The guy is right about Wix and NAPA being the same filter. I used to sell to Wix and I asked them what if any difference did it make purchasing the Wix or NAPA filter since they were all made by Wix. The production guy told me that the only difference was that the Wix filter media paper could trap slightly more grit since they used a finer micrometer filter paper for their own brand.  Just a slight difference . Both are good filters. 
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    Lance I use Napa gold in all my vehicles, with the exception of my Hudsons which currently do not have any filters.  What was amazing to me was how poorly made the Fram filters are.  I had heard this from mechanic friends but this was real proof their product is really crap.
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    Plenty of reading about oil filters and oil over here.

    Bottom line, if you are not doing long oil changes but changing under a 7,500 mile intervals, the cheaper filters are fine. I do longer oci's and use wix, napa gold, or any that are made for synthetic oil. At the end of the day, air filters are far more important to engine life. Oil anaylisis proves this out. I used to have my used oil analysed regularly.  Did one long term test on my 98 4runner and put over 30,000 miles on one oil change before oil analysis advised time to change. And even then, the actual oil tested good, but it wasstarting to collect condensation. That same vehicle now has 223,000 miles and uses about 1/4 gt oil between 10,000 mile changes. 
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    Too bad this individual didn't do an analysis of by-pass filters.  If this YouTube video concerned you, I believe there's a NAPA or Wix by-pass filter that can be used in place of the FRAM one for those of us who have the old FRAM by-pass filter set up on our Hudson engines.
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    Wix and NAPA still make filter cartridges for those filters. Use Wix #  51201 or NAPA 1201 or 1010. Carquest 85201
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