Uncle Merle and Aunt Tillie take their ease...

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(borrowed from the "Vintage Everyday" website -- https://www.vintag.es/  )


  • LanceLance Posts: 788Member
    Jon, Looks like Merle has had a few issues with that trailer squeezing those rear bumper ends. LOL
  • SuperDaveSuperDave Posts: 3,361Senior Contributor
    Would love to see the trailer hitch details on that 51 Hornet.
    Thanks Jon
  • 1954Hudson1954Hudson Posts: 123Member

  • duncanduncan Posts: 828Expert Adviser
    Could that trailer be a Spartan I have a 51 Spartanette tandem 30 ft. I also have a 54 Hornet Hollywood . Would it be possible to pull tour Spartanette with our Hornet.  Ray
  • 37 CTS37 CTS Posts: 556Senior Contributor

    A late HET member owned a Trailer Sales business and used his Hudson Hornet to deliver most of the travel trailers he sold. 

  • keithfullmeryahoocomkeithfullmeryahoocom Posts: 373Expert Adviser
    No doubt your Hudson would pull the trailer!  And look very cool doing it too.  I for one would not be able to NOT honk and wave frantically when I see you on the road.  In my opinion, I would rather see a Hudson pulling a trailer than all glitzed up and showing off at a car show!...k

  • 48Sed48Sed Posts: 336Senior Contributor
    This is staged but looks good, this combo could have been seen back in the day.The trailer and car are 1 year apart.
  • Park_WPark_W Posts: 2,545Senior Contributor
    Here's another pair up, for those who've not seen it.  1957: Our first Hornet and 36 ft. trailer.  Under the Hornet's hood was an Olds 98 engine and dual range Hydramatic.  Our trip from Jacksonville FL to Lincoln NE in January!  (Challenging test of a new marriage).  Hitch did not attach to the bumper area . . . it extended all the way under, to attach to the rear axle housing.
  • keithfullmeryahoocomkeithfullmeryahoocom Posts: 373Expert Adviser
    Sheese, Park!  Puckering up just thinking about it.  Cudos, Man!  That aint no tiny light-weight Airstream camper.  I was raised in a trailer like this with 3 siblings!.

  • railknightrailknight Posts: 303Expert Adviser
    That trailer in the first photo hints at the 1954 movie, "The Long, Long, Trailer" staring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.  
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