Uncle Merle and Aunt Tillie take their ease...

Jon BJon B Posts: 6,807
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(borrowed from the "Vintage Everyday" website -- https://www.vintag.es/  )


  • LanceLance Posts: 722
    Jon, Looks like Merle has had a few issues with that trailer squeezing those rear bumper ends. LOL
  • SuperDaveSuperDave Posts: 3,353
    Would love to see the trailer hitch details on that 51 Hornet.
    Thanks Jon
  • 1954Hudson1954Hudson Posts: 116

  • duncanduncan Posts: 801
    Could that trailer be a Spartan I have a 51 Spartanette tandem 30 ft. I also have a 54 Hornet Hollywood . Would it be possible to pull tour Spartanette with our Hornet.  Ray
  • 37 CTS37 CTS Posts: 556

    A late HET member owned a Trailer Sales business and used his Hudson Hornet to deliver most of the travel trailers he sold. 

  • No doubt your Hudson would pull the trailer!  And look very cool doing it too.  I for one would not be able to NOT honk and wave frantically when I see you on the road.  In my opinion, I would rather see a Hudson pulling a trailer than all glitzed up and showing off at a car show!...k

  • 48Sed48Sed Posts: 336
    This is staged but looks good, this combo could have been seen back in the day.The trailer and car are 1 year apart.
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