1939 Hudson clutch problems

terraplanepilotterraplanepilot Posts: 64Member
I am very close to getting my 1939 Hudson model 92 running as soon as I figure out the clutch. No matter what gear I am shifting into it does nothing but grind and I can't get it into reverse. It is up on jack stands now. If anyone has a picture of where the springs go and a size it is would be appreciated. I just have a bunch of springs on there now and that may be part of my problem. I just tried to adjust my clutch pedal like the manual says 1 1/2 inch from the floor board and it does not matter where the adjustment ends up, which hole that it is in, the legnth of the of the adjustment screw it always ends up flat against the floor board. If anyone can help me out I would be grateful. 


  • terraplanepilotterraplanepilot Posts: 64Member
    I think that I may have found my own answer to part of my question. I am missing the piece that attaches to the clevis pin and the spring that goes to the yoke. Any other advice would be welcomed. I was looking at the mechanical procedural manual and I found it in my owners manual.
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    Yup, lots of answers in the shop manual, and get hold of a parts manual as well (they may have one at the Club website that you can download (assuming you're registered there).

    You don't mention it, but are you sure the corks haven't bonded to the pressure plate (if the car has been sitting for some time)?  Also, does the clutch have the requisite amount of Hudsonite?  
  • terraplanepilotterraplanepilot Posts: 64Member
    No I replaced the clutch, pressure plate, and throwout bearing last year and I have run it though the gears several times during the winter. I learned how the discs can stick before I replaced everything. Funny thing was there were only 18 corks left on the clutch and you could still drive it anywhere. I have got everything adjusted a little bit better but there is still some noticeable grinding. Back to the books and adjustments.
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    Have you changed the Hudsonite since the clutch install?  I changed mine 500 miles after installing a new cork clutch and was surprised how little came out. The cork soaked up a fair amount of Hudsonsite.  Since then, the clutch oil changes have been normal as far as Hudsonite volume.  Jon B is correct in pointing out that you may not have enough fluid in the clutch.
  • terraplanepilotterraplanepilot Posts: 64Member
    Yes I just filled it up before starting on the car for the season. Like you I was surprised a to how much Hudsonite oil that it took.
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,584Senior Contributor
    How much did you put in?   Too much will cause the clutch to hydraulic. 
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