wtb parts for a 1933 Terraplane 8 cyl. 2 Door Coach

hotrod2591hotrod2591 Posts: 2Member
I am rebuilding the chassis on my 33 Terraplane. The body is done, but I need to finish the chassis and get it back on the road. 

I need a differential pinion seal and grease seals, also king pins & Tie rod ends for the front end. 

Also my 8 cylinder block is cracked - if anyone knows where there is a good 33 T 8 cyl. block please get back to me.  815 440 8887    or    jeanblanc1952@yahoo.com        Thanks Chuck


  • HansHans Posts: 55Senior Contributor
    There is a pinion seal on Ebay now
    Listed for a  1032 Terraplane

    My interchange lists it for 1932 only 

    perhaps others have more info: 
    It is not mine and seems expensive 

  • HansHans Posts: 55Senior Contributor
    Nice talking to you
    sure glad you found the 1933 seal a few lines down !
  • tedted Posts: 24Member
    Hi Ted here.  There is a fello near Ottawa Ontario Canada . That has a turning  rebuildable 33 t8 engine.  He got it out of a us 33 car. Engine is complete . I would like  the water pump off it.  He is asking  to much for it.   If ur  Us  ur exchange  is in ur favor.  .70 to our dollar.. eddy is his name. 613 552 6224.   Or 6138839932.  
  • tedted Posts: 24Member
    U can also use a 34/35  Hudson 8cyl. A little more cubes with ur 33 pump and pullies
  • 33kc198933kc1989 Posts: 369Senior Contributor
    Hotrod2591 could you make a pattern of one of your door glass.  I’m needing to complete glass install.  Out of paper would be fine and I’ll compensate.  
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