1932 Hudson

1954Hudson1954Hudson Posts: 123Member
Wanted  motor mounts X 6 for 8 cyl and rubber mounts also if you have any.  Thanks Ron


  • Courtesy ManCourtesy Man Posts: 131Expert Adviser
    Don't know if this will help Ron - I have no idea how they look or work. That being said I made my own motor mounts using Devcon Flexane - a pourable rubber like material with the appropriate Dura hardness. First I made a mold pouring plaster of Paris into a liter plastic bottle bottom and a wooden dowel pin for bolt clearance. Shellacked the plaster mold and greased it with Crisco.  Mixed the liquid and poured to level needed in mold. Rinse repeat for second motor mount. Worked great. I custom made these for my 1947 Hudson pick up when I put a Hornet 308 engine and needed to lower the motor mount about 1/4 inch to clear the steering pitman arm.  Gert Kristiansen
  • 1954Hudson1954Hudson Posts: 123Member
    Thanks Gert The rubber mount is at the top of the picture,it is like a vary large gromet about 2 1/4 od center hole is 1 1/8 Total thickness is 5/8 .  outside is 1/4 center is about 1/8 and outside edge is 1/4 Thanks Ron
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