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GünexGünex Posts: 1Member, Confirm Email

Good day,

I'm looking for a Hudson Essex engine for my Super Six from 1929.

Does anyone have a motor on offer?

Likewise engine parts such as engine block, crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods.

Maybe someone can give me a tip who could have such parts.

Thank you.

Greetings from Germany



  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,890Administrator
    Hello, Gunther, and welcome to the H-E-T Open Forum!  I wish you the best of luck in finding your 1929 engine and parts.  They were very popular cars and I'm sure you will indeed find what you're looking for.

    If you intend to keep this car, and you have not yet joined yet, you may want to consider joining the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club

    As a member you will receive a nice magazine 6 times yearly, a printed membership roster, and you will have "privileges" at the Club's website.  These include a searchable roster (updated every few days) listing members and automobiles registered with the Club, as well as the ability to download technical information for your car.  Also, you will become a part of the worldwide Hudson network, which can be very useful when looking for cars and parts.

    One way to assist you in your search, would be to contact owners of other 1929 Essexes in Europe and the U.K. and ask them if they know of sources of engines or parts which are a bit closer to you than the U.S.  Many Essexes were exported to Europe when new, and there were Hudson assembly plans in England, Sweden and other locations as well.
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