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Max162Max162 Posts: 12Member
I'm on the chase for a 1952 Hudson Hornet sedan with a running 308 engine in decent condition for starting some restorations on it. Since I'm living in Canada, it would be preferred if the car is in the same country, but it's okay if not.

If you have seen one for sale somewhere, let me know. I'll be also on the lookout.

Thanks in advance,



  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,890Administrator
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    There should be a fair number of them out there for sale. Try Hemmings, Ebay, Craigslist, Google. If you're serious about finding and keeping a Hudson, then you should consider joining the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club (if you haven't done so already) because the classified section of their magazine (The White Triangle News) will also feature ads for cars like these.

    You might also want to check recent auctions, just to see what people are actually paying for these cars (as opposed to what they're asking for them). For example, here's a '52* that went to auction in January, and sold for $20,500. There are lots of photos of it, so you can take a close look at the condition of a Hudson that sells for that kind of money.

    *--As you may already know, the '52's and '53's are pretty similar looking. This one's titled as a '52, but actually appears to be a '53.
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