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I am brand new to this site, and am mainly inquiring about parts sources for the rebuilding of the AMC V=8 on a 1956 Hornet Special. We have a young man who is a co=purchaser of the vehicle, so I want to try and give him all the help possible. We need to encourage young people to embrace the hobby, whether it be Hudsons or Henry J's! Any help on resources would be most appreciated.


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    Welcome! You've come to the right place!

    Have you begun to take stock of what sort of parts you'll need? Engine? Transmission? Body? Electrical? Maybe if you can focus in on particular things you need, this question will be easier to answer. There are a number of people selling new-old-stock AMC stuff out there, and others who are reproducing hard-to-find parts. And there are still junkyards out there with vintage cars from which parts can be salvaged.

    I don't know if you're a member of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club (if not, I'd suggest you join), but if you are a member you might look through the international roster to find others who own 1956 Hornet Specials, and then contact them for information on where they're going for parts. Possibly one or more of them live in your vicinity and you could even go over to inspect their cars, in order to see parts that are missing on your car, so you'll know what you're looking for.
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    Thanks for your reply! He needs: 2 engine mounts, transmission mount, 3 rockers, 3 push rods, lifters, correct spark plugs and wires, and oil sending unit. The electrics on his car are in good order as far as he can tell and based on what the seller told him. I hope to put him directly in touch with sources you or other members might suggest. I am just trying to help a new and young Hudson owner get his beautiful car back on the road! He has joined the Club also.
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    He needs to find the precise part number (probably both the AMC and the Hudson number) to make sure he's getting the right thing. Here are a few websites but I don't guarantee that these parts fit his car!,1956,hornet,5.8l+352cid+v8,1435768,electrical-switch+&+relay,oil+pressure+sender+/+switch,4588

    Here's a double action fuel pump if he ever needs to use the wipers:

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