51 Hudson Hornet For Sale Canada

drk64drk64 Posts: 1Member, Confirm Email
Hi I just signed up to let you know I have a 1951 for sale. It has 25809 original miles, has the 6 in it with Hydramatic, it's in Canada, Maple Ridge BC to be exact. I need someone to give an idea of what it's worth, an appraisal so I can sell it for as much as I can get for it. There is pictures on Facebook in the HET club site. I would appreciate any help, thanks. Dan


  • Ol racerOl racer Posts: 2,452Senior Contributor
    Suggest go to a local Book Store then look at the 'Old Cars Price Guide' Magazine for a rough Idea price to ask. It list the Conditions 1 thru 5.
  • BenPrickettBenPrickett Posts: 2Member
    Can you send me pictures?
  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,340Senior Contributor
    Link to your pictures?
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