Fast Idle adjustment on 39 Six Lost

ValVal Posts: 756Member
The fast idle setting on my car no longer works. Can it be reset? If so how? My Mech Procedure Manual doesn't describe it for 39. Any help apprecitated


  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,643Senior Contributor
    Do you have the Carter carburetor with automatic choke? The fast idle cam is operated by the closed choke and gradually decreases idle speed in steps as the choke opens when the car warms up. Check the linkage and look for worn notches on the fast idle cam.
    Go to pages 21-22 of this 1940 manual to see how the fast idle is set on both the single and double barrel carburetors.
  • ValVal Posts: 756Member
    Thank you yes I have the Carter 2 barrel carburetor 430 S  and yes it has automatic choke
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