Hudson jack

JFrommJFromm Posts: 265Senior Contributor
Does anyone have a jack for a 54 hornet that they would like to sell?


  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 214Member
    John, check with Lance he has everything Hudson. Ed
  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,607Senior Contributor
    I've got one I got from a non-Hudson guy for $5. Cost me more than that for a new decal from PAUL LARGETYPE. Show n tell. I don't jack stepdowns at the bumper any more. I go under the frame.

  • JFrommJFromm Posts: 265Senior Contributor
    Never would use it on my bumper. This is just to fill the empty spot in my trunk.
  • thaidudethaidude Posts: 14Member
    edited February 5
    Has anyone ever come up with an authentic looking 'hold-down' for these jacks? I, like you, would never use one of these... but they sure do look cool.
    Did yours come with the lift attachment piece as well? I've seen several variations of this piece and if you have it please post a pic. -mike-
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